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Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Established in the year of 2011, “LLG Pharma Equipments” is the Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Mumbai.The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a tremendous deal of change. There are many pharmaceutical companies, who are providing the better products. The Pharma industry is one of the most sought after, and flourished industries.On the other hand, we can say that the Pharma industry is responsible for the economic development. That is the main reason for both research and development of newer and better products for various kinds of diseases.


  • Design is cGMP with all contact parts AISI 316.
  • Capacity up to 5,000 liters.
  • Single-pass processing results in reduced batch times by up to 80% and repeatability batch-after-batch
  • Energy savings when compared with in-tank mixers, colloid mills and homogenizers.
  • Increased capacity when compared with colloid mills and homogenizers
  • Improved product quality and shelf-life stability.
  • High Differential Velocities.